LFR Films is a film production and distribution company oriented toward international, high-quality motion pictures.


LFR Films started with the production of Beyond The Blood (Au-Delà Du Sang), a French Japanese film that was released in both countries in 2013, and got a

Best First Film nomination at the Lumières Awards 2014, the French version

of the Golden Globes.


In 2014, LFR Films launched a theatrical distribution arm for the French market, with the release of Vanessa Hudgens’ Gimme Shelter, a film acquired from Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions. LFR Films then released two other films acquired from Sony: Broken Horses, a movie praised by Academy Award winning director James Cameron as an artistic triumph, and Puerto Ricans In Paris, a comedy combining well-known American talent and French A-listers.


LFR Films recently acquired from Sony Pictures Certain Women, directed by critically-acclaimed director Kelly Reichardt, and starring Kristen Stewart, Laura Dern and Michelle Williams. Certain Women was part of the official selections of major festivals, such as Sundance, Toronto International Film Festival, Deauville American Film Festival, New York Film Festival, and won Best Film at the BFI London Film Festival. Certain Women has become the highest-grossing film of Kelly Reichardt at the French box-office.


Well aware of the increasing global demand for projects crossing over different entertainment fields, LFR Films is currently developing a slate of new films targeting international audiences, including the film adaptation 

of a franchise based on a popular video game.